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About us

Agromore (P) Limited is a reputed Company serving Indian Agriculture & Industry Since 1962. Agromore was established with technical know how from the USA for the manufacture of specialized Agricultural & Industrial Chemicals. Agromore has its own R & D facility which constantly updates technology for its products and has also done significant work in Import Substitution. Agromore is a professionally managed Company with qualified & experienced staff in every sphere of its activities.The Company has a distributor and dealer net work in India through which its products are marketed.

Agromore’s Agrochemicals are mainly selective Herbicides (Weedicides), which have been certified by Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI) and are used for both Plantation and Field Crops.

Agromore’s Industrial Specialty Chemicals include a range of products such as Acid Inhibitors, Corrosion Inhibitors, Thermal Insulation Protection Chemicals, and Oil Field Chemicals, Metal Finishing Chemicals etc.

Agromore high quality products have been well accepted by farmers and Industry. The Company’s clients are Thermal Power Plants, Sugar Mills, Steel Mills, Auto Component Manufacturers, and Farmers of crops like, Wheat, Sugarcane, Rice etc and Tea Planters.